Tivoli Bread & Baking Scores with Multigrain

By Christopher Matthews

Ace baker Mike Gonella, owner and quarterback of Tivoli Bread and Baking, our go-to bakery upstate, got into the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday today, fashioning his famous multigrain bread into a carb-based football likeness.

No matter who wins (go Giants!) — or the shape of the loaf — Mike’s multigrain is always an MVP at our table. Gonella uses chopped walnuts in the bread, which adds textural contrast. And while dense, his bread isn’t heavy. Healthy AND delicious, with a slight sweetness, it makes for awesome toast, and would make a “super” accompaniment to the Big Game’s traditional dish, chili.

If you aren’t at Tivoli Bread and Baking by 9:30 AM or so, the multigrain sells out. To ensure a loaf on the weekends, I call ahead to reserve a round at 845-757-BAKE.

Well worth a visit:

Tivoli Bread and Baking, 75 Broadway, Tivoli, NY 12583

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