Healthy Twists for Thanksgiving

By Kathryn Matthews

Tender! Juicy! An herbed-rubbed turkey served with a roasted-garlic gravy

Why not jumpstart your New Year’s resolution—”to eat more healthfully”—at Thanksgiving?  That’s right, I said Thanksgiving.  Because the basic inputs—turkey, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, green beans or collard greens—are inherently healthful foods.  It’s what you do with them— whether it’s serving up deep-fried turkey or going heavy on the mini marshmallows, butter and cream—that transforms these foods into a calorie fest.

Ready to give up feeling overstuffed, lethargic and a few extra pounds?

Here’s a menu, time-tested and beloved, that I had developed for  It’s relatively easy and big on flavor: .

Christopher and I have cooked variations of this for friends and family over the years, but pick and choose as you wish, or go for the whole menu.

P.S.: the ginger-pumpkin mini soufflés are the bomb!

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