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Southern Souvenir: Buttermilk Pie

A West Tennessee family recipe for Buttermilk pie. Continue reading

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Bake It Yourself: Yeasted Breads

By Kathryn Matthews I was surprised when I finally held a copy of Simply Great Breads by Hudson Valley baker Daniel Leader (with Lauren Chattman) in my hands.  I figured it would be a hefty coffee table-type paean to artisanal … Continue reading

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Brownie Points

By Kathryn Matthews How do you like your brownies: fudgy or cakey?  I fall squarely in the fudgy camp.  I like walnuts in my brownies.  Hold the icing.  And they should taste rich, dark and chocolaty—but not too sweet. A … Continue reading

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Plum Delicious

by Kathryn Matthews At end-July, local plums are top-of-mind. They’re things of beauty. Imperfectly round.  Smooth-skinned.  Typically purple, with subtle or dramatic variations, ranging from yellow and red-tinged, to gently lavender and midnight-blue. They’re not just good-looking…

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