Bloom Times in the Hudson Valley

By Christopher Matthews

Every year is different, but as springs go, 2012 has been quite the rollercoaster in the Hudson Valley.

After virtually no winter, March shattered records for warmth, remained unusually dry and generated historically early blooms — plum trees, for example, were five weeks early!  April then cooled off considerably, including several hard freezes that made local farmers extremely nervous (and zapped the pear trees). May has been alternately gorgeous and dry, and cool and wet. But, despite the extremes, late May in northern Dutchess county is bursting out in flower, and is mirrored on our property!  

Oriental Poppies and Pink Peonies

Up close and personal with a poppy…

…and a peony.

Chives in full flower (next to soon-to-bloom sage):

Wild Italian arugula, showing the first of many (edible) flowers to come:

And white peonies, getting ready to pop:

Next up: a flower bed full of Evening Primrose…

…and ten days later, here it is:

Evening Primrose

And more to come…

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1 Response to Bloom Times in the Hudson Valley

  1. Monica Kuo says:

    Those lovely flowers accentuate the beauty of your property. Your home feels like such a serene and peaceful place to live.

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